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"Has a gripping melodrama to it........"

- Adam Walton from BBC Radio Wales on Ali's title track Leave it all Behind.' 

"‘Leave It All Behind’ displays Ali Tommis’ expressive passionate musicianship with powerful anthemic  (at times dramatic) choruses and intricate melody compositions, he hasn’t held back. It feels like he has put everything, body and soul into this EP."

- Indie Buddie.' 

'I've always been inspired by music, its ability to move people. We've all had that moment where a song just takes you to another place. I spend my life trying to recreate that moment.' 

28 year old singer songwriter Ali Tommis channels piano driven anthemic rock in his debut EP. Born in North Wales into a family of musicians, his father a guitarist and his mother a classical pianist, Ali was surrounded by music from an early age and took up the piano at the age of three. It wasn't until 16 that he began songwriting, influenced by a large range of musicians from John Mayer to OneRepublic to Led Zepplin. All of his influences have helped craft his own unique sound.


The EP was recorded in the mountains of Snowdonia at Ferlas Studio. Producer and owner Rich James Roberts helped harness guitar sounds to work together with a driving piano and soaring vocals that create undeniable power.

Ali's first single ' Home Again'  achieved critical acclaim through the UK songwriting contest where it reached the semi-finals.

Ali is now getting ready to release new material in 2020.

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